An inexplicable and unacceptable sentence

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Luxembourg, 29 June 2016

Today, Wednesday June 29th, the 12th chamber of the Criminal Court of Luxembourg delivered the judgement of the “LuxLeaks” trial: Antoine Deltour is sentenced to a suspended 12-month jail time and a 1,500 € fine. Raphaël Halet is sentenced to a suspended 9-month jail time and a 1,000 € fine. The journalist Edouard Perrin is acquitted.

The support committee is outraged by the sentence against the whistleblowers Antoine Deltour and Raphael Halet. This inexplicable and unacceptable sentence ignores the public interest of their action, and overcomes the European law. It is an affront to the many supports received from around the world.

Antoine Deltour “expresses his deep gratitude to the numerous people and organizations which supported him during the hard time he went through”.

According to Antoine Deltour, “sentencing the citizens at the origin of LuxLeaks revelations is equivalent to sentencing the regulatory advancements which have been triggered by these revelations and which have been widely acclaimed across Europe. This is also a warning towards future whistleblowers, which is detrimental to citizen’s information and the good functioning of the democracy.”

Antoine Deltour doesn’t accept this sentence and he has decided to appeal against it. He regrets having to extend a costly and exhausting procedure. The support committee continues to stand alongside Antoine and remains confident that European law will eventually be considered.

The support committee will remain active with Antoine and the other whistleblowers, to inform and collect both moral and financial support. The massive mobilization so far has shown the citizens’ determination to defend the general interest. Let’s not give up!

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