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AGM 2018:
after the victory, the ending of the support committee

The annual general meeting of June 15th 2018 reviewed the action of the support committee. After Antoine's judicial victory, the dissolution of the association was voted. The evening continued with a panel discussion where three guests discussed the situation of whistleblowers and the right to inform.

Dissolution of the Support Committee

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Verdict of the 2nd appeal trial

Press Release

LuxLeaks Trial:
New Appeal Hearing

Antoine’s return to the Court of Appeal for a single hearing. The epilogue is expected on May 15, date of the verdict.

LuxLeaks Trial:
next step on March 27th

Antoine must return to the Luxembourg Court of Appeal on March 27th, 2018. But this time, protected by his whistleblower status.

That‘s it, I won! But is it really a victory?

Antoine’s reaction to the higher appeal verdict

Verdict of the Court of Cassation: an undeniable victory!

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LuxLeaks Trial :
hearing before the Court of Cassation

This Thursday 23 November, the LuxLeaks trial was held before the Luxembourg Court of Cassation. The verdict will be announced on January 11, 2018.

LuxLeaks trial before the Court of Cassation

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Appeal to higher court, an ongoing process

The file of the cassation appeal has been submitted. Hearing on Novemver 23, 2017.

Antoine Deltour appeals before the Court of Cassation!

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LuxLeaks verdict: A mixed feeling

By keeping a condemnation at all costs, the Luxembourg justice showed a lack of courage. But the acquittal on the disclosure of professional secrecy is a small victory.

Verdict of the “LuxLeaks” appeal trial

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LuxLeaks Appeal trial:
Fifth and last hearing

Prosecutor and plaintiff’s replies to the pleadings and replies of the defendants. Verdict issued on March 15th.

LuxLeaks Appeal trial:
Fourth hearing

Pleadings of Halet’s and Perrin’s defense

LuxLeaks Appeal trial:
Third hearing

Pleadings of the plaintiff and of Antoine’s defense

LuxLeaks Appeal trial:
Second hearing

Prosecutor John Petry sets out his requisitions

Thank you for the large mobilization!

Around 300 citizens from more than 20 different countries came to Luxembourg in support of Antoine Deltour, Raphaël Halet, and Édouard Perrin…

LuxLeaks Appeal trial:
the opening day

Strong European and citizen mobilization in Luxembourg for the opening of the LuxLeaks appeal trial. Three hearings to get to the acquittal!

Mobilizing for the trial!

Citizens' mobilization on December 12, for the LuxLeaks appeal trial

Whistleblowers need EU protection

Press Release On 17 October a platform calling for EU-wide whistleblower protection is launched by the first 44 signatories of a joint statement.

LuxLeaks appeal trial

Hearings are scheduled on December 12, 19 and 21.

108 MEPs sign an open letter in support to LuxLeaks whistleblowers

On Thursday, September 8th, 108 MEPs published an open letter to Antoine Deltour and Raphaël Halet.

An inexplicable and unacceptable sentence

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On June 29th, verdict of the LuxLeaks trial

The court will deliver the judgment of of the LuxLeaks trial on June 29th. Let's rally to support the defendants!

Trade Secrets Directive:
an open letter to heads of State and government of the EU

The Support Committee for Antoine Deltour is among 54 european organizations who signed an open letter to ask for changes to the Trade Secrets Directive and for proper protection for whistleblowers throughout the EU.

LuxLeaks trial:
eighth and final hearing

Replies to the pleadings and indictment

LuxLeaks trial:
seventh hearing

Pleadings of Antoine's lawyers and prosecution speech

LuxLeaks trial:
sixth hearing

Pleadings of the plaintiffs and of Halet's and Perrin's lawyers

LuxLeaks trial:
fifth hearing

Interrogations of Antoine Deltour and Édouard Perrin

LuxLeaks trial:
fourth hearing

Testimony of one of the Directors of the Luxembourg tax administration and interrogation of Raphael Halet

LuxLeaks trial:
third hearing

Testimonies of the last witnesses called by Antoine’s defense

LuxLeaks trial:
second hearing

Testimonies of the Police investigator and of Antoine’s first defense witnesses.

Help and support for Antoine grows!

As Luxleaks trial begins, help and support for Antoine grows. Michel Sapin, French Minister of Finance, offers support from France.

LuxLeaks Trial:
Heartening rally on the opening day!

The Support Comittee comes back on the first day of hearing and the rally to support the LuxLeaks whistleblowers

Opening of the “LuxLeaks” trial

Press Release Antoine Deltour’s trial will take place in Luxembourg from April 26th to May 4th, the support Committee will be present.

Thank you!

Following our annual general meeting, Antoine expressed his thanks to his supporters.

“LuxLeaks” trial to start on April 26

The trial of Antoine Deltour will take place in Luxembourg from April 26 to May4, 2016.

European Citizen's Prize presented to Antoine Deltour in Brussels

Press Release On October 14th, the European Citizen's Prize 2015 is presented to Antoine Deltour in the Parliament in Brussels

Antoine Deltour awarded European Citizens’ Prize

The European Citizen Prize distinguishes people and organizations that significantly contribute to the common values of the European Union.

Antoine at the European Parliament

On June 1st, Antoine Deltour was received in Brussels at a public hearing held by the special committee of the European Parliament.

In support of Antoine Deltour

An op-ed piece signed by various personalities –including Edward Snowden, Eva Joly, Thomas Piketty… – in support of Antoine Deltour, LuxLeaks whistleblower

Official visit of the French President to Luxembourg

On the occasion of the visit of the French President to Luxembourg, the support committee hopes for a discussion towards more fiscal justice and dropping the charges against Antoine Deltour

The LuxLeaks whistleblower is in big trouble

The chief whistleblower in the LuxLeaks 1 is being sued by the Luxembourg justice.