Antoine Deltour Support Committee

The Annual General Meeting of June 15, 2018, approved the dissolution of Antoine Deltour’s support committee. A huge thanks to all the people who joined us in this fight!


The Antoine Deltour's support committee is a non-profit organization, registered in France as an "Assocation Loi de 1901". Its objectives are:


The support committee was formally established during a constitutive meeting held in Épinal, France, on the 28th of Februrary 2015.
The organization is administered by a council of twelve co-presidents, three of whom are mandated by juridical persons (CCFD Vosges, ATTAC Vosges, Épinal in transition).

The support committee is notably in charge of managing the funds raised for Antoine Deltour's defense (legal services, communication campaigns, etc.). The organization will likely be dissolved when all legal proceedings come to an end. After its dissolution, any remaining funds will be transferred to one or more organizations promoting a protection framework for whistleblowers or fighting against tax injustice and tax havens.

If you would like to have access the full statutes of the organization, please write to the support committee.